Sunday, September 4, 2016

Chemotherapy: Before & During Infusion Tips

The Day Before Infusion:
ü Drink LOTS of water! I drank a glass of water almost every hour.
ü Get on the Biomat if you purchased one. The BEST investment! (See my Biomat post)
ü Take a probiotic.

Before the Infusion:
ü Drink LOTS of water! It will help to flush out the toxins.
ü Get on the Biomat.
ü Eat a large breakfast while you still feel like eating.
ü Put on a quarter-size amount of lidocaine cream over your port about a half-hour before the nurse pokes you. You can get the prescription cream from your doctor. The lidocaine cream numbs the area. Use a Tegaderm patch or gauze and tape to make sure the cream stays on your skin. Thank you Andrea Hutton for that helpful tip! (See my review of her book, Bald is Better with Earrings)
ü Ask the nurse for the cold numbing spray (if they have it). It helps in combination with the lidocaine cream if you’re a total pain wimp like me.
ü Ask your doctor for the Emend Tri-Pack if you’re prone to nausea. I took this intravenously before they gave me my chemo drugs. I never threw up during chemo, thank God.
ü Bring a cooler with ice chips, popsicles, and snacks.
ü Bring a blanket for comfort and any other things that bring you joy. I brought a stuffed Minion my son gave me and the blanket my husband made me.

During Infusion:
ü Drink LOTS of water! (I see a pattern here…)
ü Suck on ice chips to prevent mouth sores. I think I never got them because I sucked on a lot of ice chips.
ü Suck on drops like Queasy Drops. They help with any feelings of nausea. Thank you my angel, Andy, for finding them!
ü Suck on a sugar-free candy or mint before they flush out your port. One time I forgot to do it and I had a metallic taste in my mouth thanks to the Heparin. Thanks again to Andrea Hutton for that tip.

You got this! You can make it through! Stay in faith!

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